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      BoLuo  Konka  Prined Coltd. , which is a joint enterprise (China & HK) , belongs to Konka group . The company plans to invest by stages to become the most production base of fittings of Konka production in a big scale in Konka group which implements the integrated strategy . Founded in 15th March,2000, Boluo Konka Printed Board Co.ltd. , which covering an area of 50 thousand  ,has invested  80 million yuan in the first project with a total register capital of 40million yuan .The company officially completed and went into production on 18th December, 2000 . Having two advanced production lines , it has a production capability of 1millionper year in single &double layer PCB . It is going to set up the second project in 2006 and will has a production capability of 0.3million per year in newly added double & multilayer PCB .





      Hiroyasu quality month activity initiated in 2017 conference

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      Hiroyasu to carry out the "2017" core backbone of promotional activities

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      Konka group chairman visit hiroyasu Liu Fengxi, President Billy

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      The Chinese academy of sciences old experts to lecture science cas-aspire to bo kang

      3:00 in the afternoon, June 5, 2017 by boluo county science association, bo kan...[查看詳情+]



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